Director’s Message

Dear Students,

In today’s world, learning a language in addition to your mother tongue increases your chances to get a job and employ your academic and professional skills more effectively. No need to highlight that the English language is one of the most widely used languages in our globalized world extensively employed as an international means of communication, business, and academic relations.

With the mission of providing our students with quality education in foreign languages, the goal of RDU’s English Preparatory and Foreign Languages School is to help students actualize their language learning potentials and make the most out of their time.

The main objective of our English Preparatory Division is to improve the English language skills of our students so that they feel confident in following classes in their Faculties/Schools.

Our Foreign Languages Division aims at equipping our students with the necessary language skills not only in the English language also in other languages (e.g. German, Persian, Russian, etc.). With the academic English courses, students will be tutored in presenting their theoretical knowledge in academic contexts. In the meantime, interested students have the chance to learn other languages enriching their chances of finding a job after their graduation.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon at our university.

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