Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School acknowledges the following as its principles;

  • Adapting its education system to European Union standards, making its programs adaptable to the Common European Framework for Language, and continuously renovating itself;
  • Using English as the medium of instruction in both Preparatory School and Foreign Languages Division where support is provided for programs whose medium of instruction is also English;
  • Respect the fact that each individual can be educated, can learn and improve principle; providing opportunities for students to continue their education in groups with similar language skills;
  • Organizing courses and sourcebooks based on student-centered, cooperated learning, constructive education approach and benefitting from computer technologies;
  • Developing an understanding of skills, concepts, and life through course programs;
  • Implementing programs considering flexible and individual differences through individualized educational programs;
  • Developing understanding skills and analytical thinking rather than memorizing and recalling information;
  • Implementing constructivism rather than a plain lecture in teaching;
  • Aiming student-centered teaching rather than teacher, program-based, book-bound and exam-centered teaching;
  • Fostering collaborative learning instead of competitive and individual learning;
  • Considering the demands of the technology age and encouraging the use of computer technologies in all programs to improve the computer skills of students;
  • Using this in foreign language learning in a creative manner;
  • Including the cultural, social, and environmental issues of any foreign language taught in program and course books.
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