Vision & Mission


Our vision as the Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School is not only to provide our students with quality education in foreign languages but also to provide them the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills which are required in autonomy, societal, career and educational fields. Additionally, our vision is to exhibit a high level of foreign language teaching at worldwide standards, to gain accreditation for programs, and to exploit creative activities in order to:

  • Be sensitive to national and universal problems;
  • Not to be prejudiced in terms of race, culture and religion and to place high importance upon human values;
  • Be aware of what their own learning curve entails;
  • Be able to use new technology;
  • Have a modern, innovative frame of mind;
  • Be competent in critical thinking;
  • Have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to make analysis;
  • Be aware of social responsibility and environmental issues;
  • Be assimilated to universal cultures, to have respect for ethical values;


The mission of our school is:

  • To improve the education system to European standards, and continually develop itself
  • To possess a democratic, modern, multi-cultural, content system, which also provides equal opportunities.
  • To continually update its foreign languages education to meet students' needs and desires which is changing at fast pace, at European standards.
  • To organize all its foreign languages programs within language education according to the European framework.
  • to do needs' analysis and evaluation studies in relation to program design and learning theories.
  • To identify or organize objectives in relation to the results obtained from the needs' analysis.
  • To produce a measure and evaluation in relation to product and performance that is suited to the program objectives.
  • Using CIPP in the evaluation process of the programs to increase the quality of teaching services with the error correction method.
  • To consider program development studies as on-going process which is open to innovation.
  • As the preparatory school, provide registered students with an orientation service.
  • To give a student oriented, constructivist and product focused education.
  • Basing importance on equal opportunity, togetherness and providing a compatible environment for learning and teaching.
  • To enable educational technology to be widespread and an active part of learning and education and also to provide environments that support multimedia technology.
  • To develop students' foreign language skills and abilities needed for individual, career and educational fields.
  • To help students achieve a competent level of the foreign language they are learning to be able to use it academically and also in their day to day lives.
  • To ensure students are confident individuals, taking advantage of knowing a foreign language in terms of not being hesitant in trying new ventures.
  • Enable students learning a foreign language, to use it at a level in which they can express themselves and understand foreigners using the language.
  • To provide opportunities for students learning a foreign language to express their thoughts and opinions.
  • To provide students learning a foreign language with various educational environments
  • To help students learning a foreign language identify their weaknesses so they can improve them and give them a chance to rectify their mistakes.
  • To give students learning a foreign language the sole responsibility for their learning and encourage them to be independent during this period.
  • To increase students' social responsibility and awareness in terms of societal and environmental problems by getting them involved in social responsibility projects.
  • To present students with activities which emphasize the importance of ethical values in their academic and everyday lives.
  • To place importance on students' self-autonomy, to do research for student's individual needs and give therapy.

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